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We're providing full range of hardware and software solutions which will help you to provide services and receive payments.


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WebPOS allows you to topup local UAE services and do International Mobile Recharge via browser on your mobile or PC.
You also can recharge your WebPOS balance using Gulfbox payment kiosks.

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Web service (API)

The most flexible solution for IT companies. You can easily adapt your software for direct information exchange using JSON protocol. We provide awesome technical support and our experts will help you with the integration and code samples.

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Payment kiosks

Hardware-software made specially to accept payments. You can place the kiosk in the store or near it, and allow your customers to pay for a wide range of services: mobile recharge, voip cards, international mobile topups. The kiosk made special for UAE weather conditions and equiped with special filters and hardware to protect from heat and sand.

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mPOS terminals

Hardware-software solution to accept payments in small size and can be placed on the cashdesk. It allows you accept payments for entire range of our services. The main advantage of this solution — mobility.

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sPOS (SMS payments)

sPOS allows you to topup Du, Etisalat and any International Mobile directly from your mobile. You don't need special phone or special software, this solution works out of the box on any mobile phone. Your sim card will be your wallet.

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